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Shadow Times Ch 2 Setting Out
I decided to make the second early

1. When morning arrived it became very buisy 1)cuz Chris was late for her Growing of Age Ceromony and 2)she had too pick up Benny
who is Benny
OOooo someones in trouble
2. Once they met with Stella they arrived at the ceromony in no time Chris was called up to recieve her future job.
3. As Chris was about to pick her future the village was attacked by three ppl and said they were looking for Princess Sora for the Crystalized Pheonix.
the wat?
plz continue
4. After a tiresome battle the three strangers took off with the Crystalized Pheonix and Chris,Stella and Benny soon became the Freedom Fighters.
um lame name
5. Rate and comment or-*pulls out sword* I`ll have to hurt you
ok O_o
no *I slice off your head*

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Created on:7/11/2010 4:29:29 PM
Made by:Mainori

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