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.What shade of lipstick are you? (Girls only, please)
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1. What group of colors seems to fit your personality?
Red, yellow, and orange
Pink, pink, and more pink
Black, purple, and dark blue
Peach, orange and light pink
pink, green, and orange
I hate colors
2. Do you like lipstick?
Only if it is dark
It`s okay
3. Are you creative?
If painting your nail counts as creative, then yes.
A little bit
4. What would you rather do:?
Climb a tree
Sit at home
Build something
Play with your pet
Read a book
Put on makeup
5. Which animal?
6. When friends come over, who picks the activities?
Me, because it`s my way or the highway
Me, because I always think of the fun ones
My friends, I`m kind of a pushover
We alternate
I don`t have friends
7. Which saying appeals to you?
"Her flawless skin attracted every guy alive"
"It is better to have lived and gone cliff diving, than to not have lived at all"
"Eyes that burned with ditermination, and a little bit of love"
"I want you out of my life"
"You can do whatever you want"
"A heart that is open to everyone"
8. Your nails are...
Painted, always
Usually painted, but I let them breathe
I don`t pay attention to those things
Painted, but chipped
Not painted
9. Your idea of the perfect dress...
Huge and sparkly and PINK
Something that looks like everybody else`s
Something purple...
Something that`s flowy and long with some bright, eye-popping colors
Something cool, and possibly ripped or torn
10. Rate and/or comment?
If I have time
Anything you say!
This quiz wasn`t good enough for me
Hang on, I`m busy

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Created on:5/16/2009 5:28:24 PM
Made by:Whitefighter

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