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.What type of sexy are you?
find out!.....that's all i'm putting!

1. what would you do to woo a girl or guy?
flirt with her at lunch by winking and sending love note`s
sing a song that you rote for her or him
talk to her and start laffing for no reson then say "do you like the circus?" (lol)
2. what whould your first date be like with this someone?
a picnic on the beach watching the sun set
the circus!
at there home on a couch and i wisper sweet nuthing`s into there ear
3. at the end of the date you.....
kisson the hand or cheak and say "goodnight"
give that someone the stuffed animal you won them and say "cya"
wisper "goodnight"into that someone`s ear
4. did you like the quiz EVEN thou it was short? (will not efect your outcome)

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Created on:3/30/2008 7:03:26 PM
Made by:isabellagirl

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