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Which SEXY City Should YOU Visit   quiz. Forget Vegas  baby  We ve got   sensuous cities  Sydney  Istanbul  St  Petersburg  Paris   amp  Venice  for you that will cater to your most inner needs and heighten your senses for travel  adventure  passion  and excitement  Find out which hot spot is best for your smoldering getaway with this quiz Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which SEXY City Should YOU Visit?
Forget Vegas, baby! We've got 5 sensuous cities (Sydney, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Paris, & Venice) for you that will cater to your most inner needs and heighten your senses for travel, adventure, passion, and excitement. Find out which hot-spot is best for your smoldering getaway with this quiz!

1. Which of the following activities would you most prefer on an ideal vacation?
Go for a serene, early morning stroll around the sun-kissed harbor or maybe treat myself with an
Visit a classy art museum and pore over majestic (and often nude) statues of the Renaissance
Indulge in a foreign culture and explore exotic bazaars
Shop at high-class boutiques and spoil yourself with a few (or many!) designer goods
Go for a peaceful boat ride over the calm waters and soak in the striking city architecture
2. Which of these dishes would you like to savor on your trip?
Garlic salami, sausage, beans and pasta, tangy rice and spaghetti dishes, infused with liquor
Sweet-tooth-friendly éclairs, cheeses, expensive wines, and meats
Warm, flavorful flatbreads, spicy and sweet pastries, and mouth-watering pilaf and pastas
Scrumptious sautéed dishes with the likes of fish and cabbage and plenty of delectable soups
Fine seafood dining overlooking great water-based scenery
3. In your opinion, what’s the ultimate shopping destination?
b. A gallery/studio with good selection of tasteful sculptures and contemporary art
b. A hip and groovy fashion arcade hosting designer labels, jewellers, boutiques and beauty salons
An aromatic outdoor bazaar selling unique treasures and sexy dresses you`d never find back home!
Something the likes of Harrods and Chanel –sophisticated, classy, and chic!
A refined luxury leather and glass ‘crafts’ store with goods crafted by the most skilled of artisans
4. What clothing do you plan to wear on your hot vacay?
A smoldering bikini/swim trunks to show off my bod I’ve been working on for months!
You want to bundle up –in vogue but warm velvet blazers, cute thick coats, and stylish scarves
Something new: A traditional silk robe or a gorgeous, elegant headscarf
A trendy Alice + Olivia dress or jeans straight from the latest Bloomingdale’s catalog
Soft, flowy, metallic tunic dresses, crisp blazer jackets, and a moderate amount of Italian leather
5. How would you describe your ‘party’ style?
I prefer partying in a more posh, restricted way. Ballroom dancing, wine-tasting...*sigh*
Drinking, dancing, getting drunk, hangovers…need I say more?
I’d like to try some exotic partying: belly dancers anyone?
I’d rather party less. I have a taste for artful culture rather than college-style clubbing.
Beachy! I’d like a nice party on the surf…or better yet, surfing itself!
6. What`s your #1 priority on this sexy vacation?
Swimming, surfing, showing off my new hot body, and a hell lot of *youknowwhat* ;D
Fulfilling my passion of art and culture
Trying something totally new; broaden my mind with new, flavorful foods, sights, and experiences.
A peaceful, yet cultured getaway with plenty of yummy food

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