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Seven Minutes in Heaven (Girls only)
Yeah, I got bored. Guys version coming soon.

1. Describe yourself
Shy, but deep
Funny, or always laughing
Sporty definitely, but not brainless.
Smart. I love school, but I`m not a nerd.
2. What are you most likely going to be doing at home, when your by yourself?
Shooting hoops
Just watching funny vids on youtube
None of these
3. What would you want to do on a date?
Dinner, talking about the purpose of life
An amusement park or fair, laughing at how weird it is that cotton candy melts in your mouth.
The school football game, screaming when your team gets a touchdown.
Just hanging out. A bookstore,his or your house,the park,wherever.You just want to get to know them
A concert. If it`s rock we`ll scream and jump around. Pop, we`ll sing with the lyrics.Anything is ok
4. Which keychain would you want?
A star with a question in the middle.
A funny quote.
A musical note
A sports ball
5. Pick a quote
I`m trapped in this thing called life.
Why do people kill others who kill people to teach people not to kill?
If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. But if you teach a man to fish,he will eat for life
You`ll miss 100% of the shots you don`t take.
I like your sleeves. They`re really puffy
6. What`s one characteristic your guy HAS to have?

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Created on:11/21/2008 3:42:23 PM
Made by:independence

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