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Set of Tricky Riddles quiz. Wanna learn a fun way? Learn in riddles! Here are a few to answer. Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Set of Tricky Riddles
Wanna learn a fun way? Learn in riddles! Here are a few to answer.

1. A box whithout hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasures inside is hid. What am I?
A broken treasure chest
A door, wait, thats not a box but ill go with it
Egg because the yolk is the gold and the rest acts like a box
2. With a white coat and a red nose, the longer I stand, the shorter I grow. What am I?
A candle the wax is white, the flame is the nose the longer the the flame lasts, the more wax melts
Snowman because it melts if its to hot and snow is white and the carrot is the red nose
What do you mean? I can`t think of anything!
3. Flat as a leaf, round as a ring, I have 2 eyes but can`t see a thing. What am I?
A television remote with 2 round buttons as eyes
A button
Flat Stanley`s face from Diary of a Whimpy Kid
4. I start with M and end with X and I have a never ending amount of letters. What am I?
A mailbox because mailboxes never run out of letters for long
What?! Have you gone nuts?!
5. What are 2 things you can never eat for breakfast? ( This is a riddle, but not a `Who am I?` riddle)
Lunch and dinner
Your plate and cutlery
All of the above i don`t know!
Yourself and others
Water and juice because you drink it, not eat it
6. Bright as the sun, white as snow, lights up the room, but in thin air it never shows. What am I?
Light bulb
White glitter
What are you talking about?
7. I am similar to an alpaca, but if you see me by one, i look taller and if Im happy with you I`ll spit. What am I?
A large alpaca because you could just have got a baby alpaca
A llama
What is an alpaca?!
8. I can be soft as a feather, or scaly as leather and im the size of a hand and you might use me in Winter. What am I?
A glove
A handprint because the author of this quiz did it
Uh... a unicorn? :`D

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