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which series of books should you be addicted to?

1. so....the main character should be....?
self sacrificing
2. do you want the main character to be a girl or boy?
doesnt really matter.
3. okay, so should the story have some kind of mythical creatures in it?
sure, why not?
yeah, the more the better!
god, lets hope not, i dont think i could handle it.
i prefer stuff thats closer to reality.
4. do you like books narrated in first person or third person?
dont care
5. what age range would you like the characters to be in?
young adult
other/dont care
6. the main problem in the book/books should be...?
about love
about the main character(s) keeping there lives
about the main character(s) saving other peoples lives/fates.
who cares, as long as its good?
7. okay one more, i dont really care if you rate or comment...ok, itd be cool if you rated, but whatever, just dont get all mad if this quiz is gay. i cant help it *shrugs*.
screw you! this quiz blows like a vietnames whore!

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Created on:10/5/2008 9:13:13 PM
Made by:kenzielee

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