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Serene Secrets part    an anime luv story   girls only    quiz. the title has nuthin to do wit da story  Enjoy    X  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Serene Secrets part 1 (an anime luv story 4 girls only!)
the title has nuthin to do wit da story! Enjoy!!! X3!

1. Ok so this is u...................................ur name is Hinari...........
im ugly as SH*T!!!!!!!!!
alrite lets get on wit dis already!
no! tats not me! (ME:) *YES IT IS! SO DONT FREAKIN ARGUE WIT ME!!!!!!!!*
2. this is the guy u fall in luv wit.......................his name is Shinno
he cute
blah! hes ugly!!!!
idk..................hes kinda creepy
i lik him!!!!!! <3!
lets get on wit dis now!
3. You walk slowly down the hall, back to the classroom because you forgot your notebook. When you turn the corner you run into Shinno. `Omg! Its Shinno!` He looks at you curiosly. "Hey Hinari," he says in the sweetest of all voices. You giggle and say,
ok....wat do i say?!
I dont care if its Shinno or not! Hes still freakin ugly!!!
wen is this gonna end?!
cool............ =]
4. "Hey Shinno." You could feel yourself turning bright red. Shinno bends down and rests the back of his hand on your forehead. "Your lookin` kinda red. Do you want to go to the nurse?" He asked kindly. Your answer is?
If your the nurse then: HELL YES!!!
poo NO!!!!
oh! im not TAT sic u kno?
wtf?! im not sic u dumba*s!!!
nah im fine.........stupid
yes! <3!
i rathr die!
5. srry it was so short but i didnt hav anything else to write (since im makin dis up as i go along) ssssoooo comment and rate?
srry not a member
idk how to rate or comment
wat is comment and rate?
I rather not. (said in stuck-up british voice)
6. dis is actually da last question (srry) how was ur day?
it was great! =D
it was fine until u showd up! (ME:) *Well then!*
it was ok
i hav a day?! wow! =0

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Created on:3/27/2010 5:19:40 PM
Made by:SilentTounge

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