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Are you a senpai?
Is there a yandere stalking you, or are you the yandere?

1. Have you noticed anyone in your class/neighborhood acting slightly romantic to you? (In othe words: hugging,acting nervous, blushing a lot around you, etc.)
A bit, but I bet they`re just being nice.
2. RP time. Yandere-chan invites you to a party. What do you do?
Politely refuse.
3. You wake up a few days after Yandere-chan`s party and there is a note on your door. It says: `You fell asleep at my place, so I drove you home :). Sincerely, (whatever yandere`s name is).` How do you react?
Shrug it off as no big deal.
Wonder why she/he would be kind enough to drive me home.
Call them and thank them.
4. While walking around the mall, you see Yandere-chan hanging around your favorite store. How do you react?
Omg! We like the same stuff :D
Cool ... I guess.

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Created on:5/12/2016 9:52:19 PM
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