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What kind of seme or uke are you  quiz. If you are not a yaoi fan or worse  you didn t even know what yaoi  Boy s love  boy and boy relationship  means then please don t flame and for those who love yaoi  pls enjoy Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of seme or uke are you?
If you are not a yaoi-fan or worse, you didn't even know what yaoi (Boy's love, boy and boy relationship) means then please don't flame and for those who love yaoi, pls enjoy

1. What kind of pet would you like to have?
My mate *smirks*
Something cute and fluffy!!
There`s no need for that since i am the pet.
Something cool and big, a wolf dog maybe?
Pets? They are rubbish to me.
Anything that my mate likes.
2. Describe yourself with a colour.
Em... pink or white?
Black cause it suits my mood
Blue, it`s calming
Red, reminding me of blood, yummy...
It`s non of your bussiness!!
What ever my mate likes.
3. What would you do when someone is checking out your mate?
Wrapping my arm around my mate`s waist, shouted "Back off, he is mine!" with a glare
Punch the light out of him!!
Act as nothing happend.
Introduce yourself with a smile, yet listing out ways to kill that guy in your mind.
Having the urge to cry, fearing that your mate will abandon you.
4. What would you give your mate on his birthday?
Birthday present? Why should i waste my time on something stupid like that?
Bake him a cake or making something special for him of course!!
My body.
Anything he would like to have, including my heart.
5. What would you do if you anger you mate?
Pouts, giving him the infamous puppy eyes while begging for his forgiveness.
Nothing. He won`t angry for long since he NEEDS me.
Showering him with gifts and flowers
Apologizing non-stop or do whatever you need for forgiveness
Crying historically while begging for forgiveness
6. What`s your reaction when your mate yelling at you without a reason?
Bursting out of tears
Yelled back at him or worse, attack him just to shut him up.
Kiss him to shut him up, then only ask him the reason for shouting.
Ignore him, he will stop yelling once he`s tired
7. When someone accidentally stepped on your new shoe, you
waving him/her off with a smile so that he/she know it`s ok
Glared at him/her but said nothing
Smiling at him/her but was planning to torture the poor soul in your mind
Cursed and shouted at her/him with foul language
Give him/her a charming smile before steping on the said person`s shoe, twice
8. Your favourite type of movie.
Romance with those sweet lovely-dovely happy ending
Horror, love it when my mate hugged me, shaking in my arms
Anything that my mate likes
Porn, smirks
Dark, angst story with many deaths and blood
9. What do you know about sex?
Anything and everything, things that i should know i my age and also things that i shouldn`t
Eh-heh? S-sex? *Blushing madly*
Hmn, not quite sure, but it would help if we have sex right now
Are you serious? I did it at lease 4 times per day with my mate!!
It`s only a game to satisfied my need
It`s a way to express our love to each other!
10. What would you do during your free time?
Duh? Humping my mate, of course.
it`s non of your business
doing anything that pleased my mate
dating of course, i like to spend all of my time with my mate
Ordering my mate around since i am bored
trying some new recipies of food to impress your mate
hugging your mate, whispering sweet words to each other and do nothing

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