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Are You Selfish?
Wanna see if you're selfish? Well, you can find out by taking this quiz!

1. Your older sister comes in your room, asking if she can borrow your laptop. What do you do?
You say, "No way. It`y MY computer, idiot. Now get lost."
You say, "Sorry, sis, but maybe later..."
You say, "Absolutely! Use it as much as you want, `kay?" *Smiling*
2. Your little brother wants to watch TV, but you`re watching it right now. What do you do?
You say, "Get lost! I`m watching my show, and by the way, it`s MY TV. Now go away!!!"
You say, "Sorry. Later, `cause I`m watching my show..."
You say, "Of course, Little Brother Man! Here ya go!" *Handing him the remote, smiling*
3. Your friend wants to borrow your favorite book so he/she can read it, but you just started reading it for the third time. What do you do?
You say, "No way! It`s MY book. Get another copy."
You say, "Nope, I`m reading it now...maybe later..."
You hand the book over, saying, "Yup. Here you go."
4. Your classmate wants to borrow your pencil sharpener at school. What do you do?
You say, "Get your own. It`s mine, stupid. DUH!!!"
You say, "Maybe later. I have to get this worksheet done."
You say nothing, but just simply hand over the pencil sharpener.
5. Have you taken BossGirl`s "Are You Judgmental" quiz? If not, please do. (This will affect your be careful what you choose...)
I won`t. I like my friends` quizzes better.
I will...later...`kay?
Yes, I`ll do it after I finish this one. (Me: Thanks!)
I have already taken the quiz. It was great!!!
6. Last question. Did you like this quiz? (This will not affect your score.)
Yes, I loved it!
No, I hated it!

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Created on:12/3/2015 7:30:57 PM
Made by:Ilikeoreos

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