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How self conscious are you  quiz. Are you the type that wears   times to large of clothing to hide your figure or do you come across roostery  and wear   times to small of clothing Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How self conscious are you?
Are you the type that wears 10times to large of clothing to hide your figure?or do you come across roostery, and wear 10times to small of clothing?

1. Ok so what sort of clothes do you wear?
Stuff that fits, you know the jeans that dont sit skin tight (me:er..Sorry people..)
mini skirts/tight jeans! you can see pretty much everything! oh and very tight shirts!
Tight jeans, but the shirt fits nicely
Er my clothes are a bit baggier then i guess they should be...
People ask me if i even have body..thats how baggy my clothes are
2. Are you outgoing?
omg yea! ill do anything for attention! (me:oh i know sooo many people like you....)
Depense on what it`s for, im not going to go crazy! but im not going to sit back and watch all the f
I will probably sit out for 98% of it.. i might do a thing or two but thats it
Ha, noo, i wouldnt do anything! im very,how would you say it...Laid back?(me:that`ll do)
3. At a dance you are?
Hitting on that little peice of eye candy over there rawr.......(Me:oh wow..pitty them..)
Dancing with my boy/girlfriend,friends,you know that kinda thing
Maybe just maybe i will have danced with one person, But i was in shock the whole time
HA! that dance?!?! i dont even go to em!
4. You having a conversation where are your hands most likely?
On the other person, your most likely flirting (me:i would call you a slut..but im not that mean)
Probably held together infront of me or crossed across your chest
Fiddling with your shirt sleeves,pants anything they can fiddle get a little bit nervous
I dont even talk with people! ha they say i word and i cry or run away! (me:Boo...hehe)
5. You are agreeing to something or for some strange reason you need to hand shake someone how are you when you do this?
Ferm ,tough grip
im on their lap ;) Alwas get on their good side..(me:your calling to be called a slut..)
not even there! (me:oh come on...)
A soft light grasp
6. Mental break downs, how often do you get them?
OMG! i can`t find my (insert object here) i would freak! omggg! my hair brush now where is it!
Not to often no :)
Yes..Often enough, they..They could think..(Me:spit it out i wont laugh)
EVERYDAY! I walk out of the house..or my room..Ah they are looking at me run for the hills! (me:wow.
7. How shy are you?
Look in the dictonary, my picture is the discription of SHY!
I surprised myself by taking this quiz...Its the most socailising ive done in years
Not even vagily close to it! im out there having fun! talking yelling screaming all that!
not to badly, you know, im just kinda hanging..Not to bad
8. How do you feel about having your picture taking?
Love it! -does a few poses- (me:id die if i had to hang around you all die..)!!? where?!!? run!!! (me:high five..)
I hate it..But if i have to...I guess i can give in..
Not my favorite, but i dont hate it, you know..If they really want a picture then take it..
9. When you are talking, do you make eye contact (if you have that disease thing bob, that makes it so you can`t look at people in the eye press other)
Our eyes are alwas closed (me:do you have aids..Just wondering..)
Most the time yes, theres that odd time when i must say, i cant bare to look..
I will glance up to their eyes once and awhile..Most the time im not looking at them
I DONT TALK!!!!!!!!!!
10. Think thats about all i need good bye!
-Leans in to kiss- (Me:Oh hell..Go away!!!!)
Ok :) it..
-disapears- (me:Where`dcha go?)
11. Sorry! i forgot a question! Are you the first to speak/"make a move"
Hells yea!
Depense on the person
I have already told you i dont talk!!!

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Created on:6/27/2008 1:40:00 AM
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