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The Secret Secret Agent Quiz   Shhh    it s a secret  quiz. Your mission  should you choose to accept it  is to complete this quiz and find out what type of agent lurks within your SOUL  Good luck    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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The Secret Secret Agent Quiz! (Shhh... it`s a secret)
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete this quiz and find out what type of agent lurks within your SOUL. Good luck. (e)

1. Have you had any martial arts training?
I can kick ninja arse in video games.
No thanks. It`s not for me.
I`m a black belt.
No, but I`m good at yelling "HIYAH!".
2. What are you most likely to be seen doing at a party (when you`re not on a mission)?
Me? At a party? I think you`re talking to the wrong person.
You can find me out on the dance floor!
I`ll be standing next to the punch, trying not to socialize with anyone.
Socializing, sipping martinis, and looking elegant.
Thinking of a way to escape the party without hurting your friend`s feelings.
3. Your weapon of choice?
My irresistible smexiness.
A simple gun. And a lipstick that shoots lasers, a pocket knife that turns into a sword.....
My katana and some ninja stars
My mind
My computer
4. You`ve been called up for a mission at 3:00 AM. What were you doing at the time?
Playing games/surfing the internet on my computer
Drawing out blueprints for a new invention I`d dreamed about.
I dunno. Killing someone?
Retrieving the stolen Mona Lisa from some evil dude with some evil plan.
Catching up on my shagging baby! Oh yeah!
Sleeping. Duh.
5. Your arch nemesis is...
The evil Dr. Sinister! *duh duh duuuh*
Anyone my agency is against.
Someone smarter than me.
A crappy computer.
6. You fight fire with...
A new creation that will efficiently put the fire out
I`m not a fighter. I`m running!
7. If your boss told you to shoot the one you love, what would you do?
I love no one.
Pretend to shoot them, then hide them on an uncharted island until I can deal with my boss.
Uh.... what?
Shoot them. That`s what the boss said to do.
8. What`s your clothing style?
Whatever is comfortable.
Jeans and tee shirts.
Bell bottoms, bright colors, and tight shirts
Black leather and bandanas to cover my face.
Evening gowns and tuxes.
9. What`s your nervous habit?
Pulling/twisting my hair.
I`m never nervous.
Flipping my hair and gasping
Clenching my fists.
10. If you had a catch phrase, it would be...
Shaken, not stirred.
Yeah baby!
I`ve got it!
LOOK OUT! *explosion*
11. Your code name would be...
The Darkness
Sly or The Mirage
Sexy Beast or Angel
The Brain
The Fox
12. Are you ready to find out your secret identity?
Yeah baby!
Uh... sure?

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Created on:3/5/2008 6:19:27 PM
Made by:darkfairy12

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