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What season suits you best  quiz. I live in aussie so the seasons might not match your countries  lol   e  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What season suits you best.
I live in aussie so the seasons might not match your countries. lol (e)

1. If someone says hello. whats your response.
Say hi and chat away. 2 mins later your Best friends.
be nervous and quietly say hi
Stare at them or walk away
just say hey and chat for a while
2. What do you like to do in your spare time.
Talk, socialise, chat, gossip, make a scene.
Write poetry or read.
send hate mail. stay in your room.
hang with friends, movies, shopping
play sports or other
3. What do you like to wear.
Bright and loud cute sayings
conservative flowing. skirts
Black. dark colours. boots.
Cute skirts. funny pictures bright colours.
4. how do you appear to others
Flirty or talkative. loud
Quiet, dreamy.
Hard face, scowling
Having fun, laid back,
just normal?
5. Someone asks you out what do you say
popular; YES! nerd: In your dreams!
Shyly say `my mummy said I`m too young`
Get the hell outa here!. or Yea right!
If you like them say yes.. if you dont well say no! simple as that
6. Will you comment? plz do. I like comments. tell me how ya did!
Probably not
No way

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Created on:8/10/2007 6:09:57 PM
Made by:chicky_babe_

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