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What season are you?
What season best describes your personality??? Rate and comment plz!!! :P

1. Pick a color!
Orange, red, or green.
Yellow or brown.
White, grey, or black.
Pink, purple, or blue.
2. What is your fave activity?
Sleeping. Its so relaxing.
Hanging with friends. We are always there for eachother.
Playing sports. Im really active.
Shopping!!! You can never have enough clothes.
3. What is your idea of a perfect date?
Something fun like going to and amusement park.
The usual. Dinner and a movie.
A candlelit dinner then a walk on the beach.
A picnic and walk in the park.
4. What is your style?
Simple and put together.
Comfy and casual.
Anthing that I can move around in.
The latest styles.
5. What is the one thing you can`t live without?
My cell! I NEED to text!
My basketball. I play sports almost all of the time.
My friends and family. They are always there for me.
My dreams. They keep me going.
6. What is your favorite type of weather?
Rain. Its actually calming.
Snow. Its so pretty and fun.
Wind. Its refreshing on a hot day.
Sun. Whats not to like about it?
7. Will you rate/comment? (wont affect outcome)
None! I hated this quiz!

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