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What season are you?
fall, spring, summer, or winter? hmmm... Let's see!! (e)

1. What is your favorite color?
cool colors, like blue or green
white or blue
2. sunday afternoon
a walk would be nice
sledding! or a snowball fight!
ice skating
swimming at the local pool
3. you`ve been playing outside in the snow for an hour. want a warm cookie?
no thank you. I`m full from dinner
yes please. I like milk too!
YES YES YES. thank you. I was soo cold
no thanks, I`ll have some chocolate chip ice cream
4. Want me to read you a book?
no. I want to go swim. thank you though
yes, that would be terrific
no thank you, I will read it myself.
after I`m done with my snowman
5. roses are red
no they aren`t, silly! oh wait..
violets are blue
6. Go to sleep now.
why? I want to watch the beautiful sunset on the beach..
okay, I fall asleep easier when it`s raining anyways...
I`m going to sleep outside tonight.
alright. I`m sleepy. *YAAAWN*
7. shut up
lol. *random*

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Created on:10/21/2007 7:32:39 PM
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