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What season are you?
Are you Fall, Spring, Winter, or Summer? :)

1. What type of weather do you prefer the most?
Extremely warm
Light sun showers
A blizzard
A thunder storm
2. Favourite type of colors?
yellow, aqua
violet, sky blue
Dark green, Black
Dark Blue, Dark purple
3. What are you most like?
Energeic, creative
Lively, Bright
Peacefull, Reflective
Introspective, Curious
4. Pick an activity you would like the most
Swimming, Camping
Dancing, Singing
Painting, Going for a walk
Writing, Reading
5. What kind of movie do you enjoy the most?
An action film
A light romantic comedy
A psychological thriller
A thought provoking drama
6. What animal are you most drawn to?
Lion, Dolphin
Puppy, Birds
Cat, Panda
Balck panther, Owl
7. What do you vale most in people?
A never ending sense of adventure
A harmonious attitude
A caring heart
A poetic, and imaginitive soul

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Created on:4/23/2007 5:17:34 PM
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