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Which scrubs character are you?
Play on to find out...

1. Describe your love life...
I`ve had this thing with my best friend once...
I`m happily married.
I`m single but the person i like doesn`t feel the same anyway.
It`s on and off with my ex.
I`m unhappily married.
Smoking hot!!
2. Who is your hero?
My mentor...i look up to him.
I don`t really have one.
I`m my own hero.
This blonde woman i know.
Any sports player.
3. Describe your living arrangements...
With my partner.
With my best friend.
Nobody knows.
By myself.
In the house of loooooooove.
4. What were/are you like at school?
The geek.
Preeetty normal. Kinda.
The jock
The feisty one.
The odd one. School was hard...
That`s too long ago for me to remember.
The caring one.
The bitch.
5. What`s your worst fear?
Someone talking to me while i`m on the toilet!!
Dr Cox.
Not being able to perform at what i do best.
Losing the ones i love.
Nothing. I have no fears. People fear me.
Sport going off tv.
Woman run out.
There isn`t a heaven.
6. Your weakness...
My loved ones.
My imagination.
Someone who gives me confidence.
My illness.
My aquaintances.
I have none.
7. You`re ideal date...
A date that is quite cultured.
A meal then a trip back to their place.
BBQ ribs and a nice person.
A posh candlelit restruant meal.
A beer at a bar.
I`m married!
Whatever as long as i get some loving!
With someone with the same intrests.
8. Name a talent you have...
It`s not really a talent but i talk to myself...
I can sing quite well..
I can speak another language.
I can make people`s life hell.
I can make speeches really fast.
I`m ok at golf.
I know what woman want ;]
I can scare people into doing things for me.
I don`t really have one.
9. If your friend got dumped what would you do?
Talk it through with them and try to cheer them up with some bad jokes.
Find out what went wrong and help them through it.
Get them a pizza and a beer.
Go round and kick your friends ex`s ass.
I don`t have many friends.
Who cares!!
Sleep with them!
Give them the bible and show them Jesus is the way.
Be sympathetic for a minute or 2 then leave them.
10. Pick a word.
Mendiros. (liar)
I don`t care. There that`s 3.

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