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What horror movie villian type are you?

1. After killing so many people, you have to have a place to chill. What`s your preffered lair?
A cave out in the woods.
Underground in a cemetary.
In an abandoned warehouse. The coppers won`t find me there.
In your victim`s house. *MUAHAHAHAHA*
2. You need to have a good fighting move. Which do you like best?
Lunge at them, then bury them alive! HA!
Bite them! All of them!
Simply grab them and swallow them whole.
Chainsaw! *Eyes bug out* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *VRRRRMMM*
3. You`re not always evil. What made you be so evil?
The moon! It`s following me! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!
Some radioactive waste.
20 years in the insan asylum! MUST DIE KILL LOOK KILL BLEED!
Crazy dude wanted me to wipe out all humankind.
4. If you were to say something intimidating to someone right before you kill them it would be....
Scream at them until the`re huddling in a puddle in the street begging for mercy.
Simple. BOO!!!!!! RARGH!!!!!
Make threatening phonecalls that say , "I`m watching you...." and "I`ll enjoy watching you scream."
5. The end of your life would go something like this.....
They lock you up in a cage so people hit you and spit on you. You die from malnutrition.
You are about change from evil to good when some guy with a bazooka blows your face off.
The former love of your life kills you becaus he/she loves you and doesn`t want you to be evil.
You drown trying to save a little boy from drowning in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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