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Would Sasuke fall for you  quiz. We all love sexy Sasuke now lets find out if he d love you back   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would Sasuke fall for you?
We all love sexy Sasuke now lets find out if he'd love you back...

1. You see Sasuke walking to the academy. You also see a cart rolling right towards him, you...
He`ll dodge it! he is awsome!
Shout out "Sasuke move!"
Run and Knock him out of the way, while the cart breaks your leg.
Run over after the accident, help him to the hospital.
2. You just find out that you, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are a ninja squad what`s your reaction?
*inside head* YES! SASUKE GIVE HIM TO ME!
Give a smile to sasuke while sakura glares at you...
You jump up and start dancing around the classroom before Iruka asks you to sit down.
You sit quietly until Iruka lets you leave and then you patiently wait for everyone else to leave.
3. Your outside after finding out who is in your squad when you see Ino coming over, she tells you to do something to sakura, what do you do?
Accept, you hate Sakura this will be fun!
You answer no, that would hurt the team if you did that.
You tell her the answer is no but then you tell sasuke to watch Ino.
You say yes, but then find out that sasuke was listening to the conversation.
4. You, Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura are walking to Naruto`s favourite ramen shop when you see a little kid wandering around in the rain you...
Leave him he`s not your concern!
Run over to him, and ask where he lives and walk him home.
You ask Sakura to handle it!
You take him soewhere dry and leave him with some food.
5. You run for cover after it starts raining, When you bump into sasuke he insistes that you come into his apartment until it stops raining so you do then...
You walk inside wet when you look at a photo of him, and his family. He stops you!
You talk to him and explain how much you like him!
Talk to him and tell him about how cold you are and that he has a nice place.
He asks you if your cold and you answer yes and he cuddles you
6. When it stops rain you get up and start walking to the door when Sasuke insistes on walking you home...
"Sure that would be nice"
"Don`t worry i`ll be fine" *run out the door*
"It`ll be ok" *kisses him on the cheek*
"Um... thankyou" * akward*

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