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What kind of sandwich are you?
A sandwich is so much more than just bread...

1. Someone comes up to you and says "Hey....heard you`ve been talking about me!" (and you were talking about them!) What do you do/say?
Say, yeah, what are you gonna do about it? While cracking your knuckles.
Say yeah I was but only because you were talking about me first, and apologize.
Say, I don`t know who told you that, but they`re wrong. I would NEVER talk about you!!
2. What kind of girl are you into?
I am a girl
A girly girl
A tom boy
One who is basically a man trapped in a girls body
3. And for the girls...what kind of guy are you into?
i am a guy
One who dresses nice and smells nicer
Who who doesn`t care at all about his appearance
One who is basically a girl trapped in a guy`s body.
4. One of the most asked questions...what kind of music do you like?
All kinds
Rock and only Rock
Pop and only Pop
5. Overall, do you think you are well liked?? (Be honest!!)
Yes, everyone that I ever met likes me
Pretty much everyone I ever met likes me
Everyone I meet disslikes me at first, but I grow on them like mold
6. Your friend who lived about 4 hours away says, come get me!! (Keep in mind, this is at 11:00 PM)
I`ll be right over!
I`ll leave tomorrow morning!
Have someone meet me half way!
7. What kind of sandwich is your favorite out of these?
Grilled cheese
Ruben (you know, corn beef and 1000 island)
Turkey and cheese
8. Did you like this quiz?
It was ok
9. And last because I was 10 questions and I ran out of ideas...Do you like my other quizzes?
Yes, they are all awesome, you should be the #1 quiz master!!
Yes, I enjoy them
I either don`t like them or I have not taken them.

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Created on:4/28/2007 8:02:57 PM
Made by:Carolynn

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