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sallahondra prt2
its the second part hope u like it

1. "whats the matter!whats wronge! talk to me jake!"midnight says. "my dad got a new job in america. my family and i are moving." he says. *this cant be happening* "what!no u cant leave me alone " *what am i going to do?*
o no
what the hell
2. "i have to ask my dad if i can stay.. i..i want to be with u..." he hld her body close to his chest. she she has a tear drop going down ger cheek. "ill try to visit ever two weeks if i cant stay."
jake dont leave her
3. "promise" she sniffles. he grabes her face and lifts it up softly to his lips and they go into a passionate kiss. he breaks away and says."promise." and they kiss again. 2 minutes later .. we should probably get u home.
yeah midnight! and jake
4. midnight arrives at the front door but it was already open. she tried to turn on the light but they were out . "hello?" *its quite mr.yoshi must be asleep* "ill cheack his room" she walks down the hall to his room when she is hit ...
keep going!!!!!!!!
what is that smell
... gulp
5. by a strong smell. she grabs a flash light and opens his door. master!!!!!!!!!!! she sees him lying on the floor bleeding to death and standing over him...was a vampire. blood all over its mouth no sound came out of midnights mouthexcept a cry
o no
master yoshi!
6. the vampire dissapeared and she fainted...20 minutes latershe wakes up and sees she is covered in master yoshis blood. she cleans herself packs her stuff up even money calls the cops and leaves.but not with out a last look.
what happens next? (me: next time)

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