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.What type of saiyan are you?
What type of dbz saiyan are you

1. You were kidnapped by a gang and they threaten to kill your dad, what do you do?
Go beserk and kill every single one of them
Ask them not to hurt him or you will kill them
Tell them to run away to their mommys before you make them!
Transform and kill them with the sudden out-burst of energy.
2. You are in town and someone is getting robbed, what do you do?
Help the owner
Kill the hugs
Help the thugs
3. You are facing an alien on planet Namek. He just killed your friend, what do you do?
Get very angry and transform into that beings destruction!
Attack the creature with waht all you got
Join him
Attack with a Ka-me-ha-me-ha or Spirit Bomb
4. you are aout to enter a tournament, what do you do?
Eat lots of food
Eat food and train
Kill every on at the tournament

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Created on:5/23/2009 5:46:46 AM
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