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Sad Love Story [part five]
This is the last one. :-( I hope you like the completed Sad Love Story!!!!!!!!!

1. They were finally here. The Palace. Jeremiah wanted to kiss Sikara again but he dared not. The others were watching him, seeing what he would do. "Well, let`s explore it." he suggested. "I want to know what the Goblins have done to it, if anything."
2. So they entered. Jeremiah in the lead, then the four, and Sikara keeping the back. Nothing happened, meaning no one attacked them so they found the throne room and slept under the throne, for it was very large and the carpet underneath was soft and
3. would keep them warm. The five men divided up the watches. Sikara was exhausted from her piece of magic when escaping from the goblin stronghold. Suddenly Jeremiah yelled "The Goblins are coming, the Goblins are coming!" as loudly as he could.
4. They woke up and briefly shoved some food down their throats. Sikara drew her sword, as did Jeremiah and two of the men. The other two loaded their arrows on their bows and also grabbed a spear. Jeremiah started to charge outside to where the Goblins
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:"( don`t die!
5. were but Sikara held him back. "Everyone!" she commanded. "Find a buddy to save your back. Archers should be with swordsmen." Jeremiah had her back. Sikara had his. Now they exited proudly. There were but six, yet two of them were some of the most
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6. powerful people of their age. This time it was Jeremiah who yelled the battle cry: For Sikara!and all things good and fair! With that, they charged. Sikara and Jeremiah were a fighting machine. They killed any goblin daring to go near. Then the
7. Goblin king himself appeared. He did not use a spear or regular sword. Instead he swung a huge, ten and five feet long blade. It was stained with blood and poison. He swung once, Sikara grabbed Jeremiah and moved him out of the blade`s reach. One of
8. their archers fired a volley of arrows but they all hit his armor, or missed all together. Suddenly Sikara saw the blade of death, of fear, swinging towards her. She screamed, and suddenly Jeremiah was in front of her, Jeremiah the love of her life,
9. Jeremiah the only man she would ever love in this way. Jeremiah, taking the blade of poison and death for her. "No!" She tried to get him out of the way but her efforts were in vain. Then time seemed to slow down. Jeremiah jumped back but the
10. tip of the deadly blade skimmed his shin. Through her grief, Sikara was angry. No one hurt the one who she loved without having to answer to her. She charged in and walloped the Goblin king`s head off before he even had time to think. "That was for
11. Jeremiah you ugly horrible killer!!!" She took his blade and killed Goblins mercilessly. None would stand if Jeremiah couldn`t. They must pay for his death. When she was satisfied all the Goblins were dead she knelt by Jeremiah`s limp body. He was
12. gasping for air. "Sikara..." he tried to say. "Hush. Do not talk." she said, kissing him for possibly the last time. Her tears fell on his eyelids as they fluttered once, twice, and were still. Sikara felt his soul trying to get out. His only chance
13. was for her kiss to hold his soul in his body. She was still alive though and needed air. She tried keeping her mouth away for as little time as possible, but alas, it did not help. Jeremiah`s soul escaped and with it, Sikara`s heart. She lay next to
14. him sobbing. If Jeremiah, the only one who loved her couldn`t live, she wouldn`t live either. She pulled his limp body over. It was still warm.
15. Jeremiah`s soul was on a different path. It traveled to the Creator who spoke to him "Young man, why do you cry? You have been released from all sorrows." "Sikara!" Jeremiah replied. "She is left alone with no one to understand her, no one to love
16. her. I must go back, I must!" "You love her deeply then, do you?" "Yes! I love her more than life itself!" "Do you promise to never love another woman?" "How could I? Sikara is the only woman for me." "Very well. You may go back to your Sikara."
17. Jeremiah started crying with joy. He felt himself settle in his body again. Sikara was close to him, her slender pale arms wrapped around him. She was crying. Timidly she asked "Jeremiah...?" "Yes. I have come back for you."

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