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What s your love type?
How do u fall in love?what do u want in your love?

1. You enjoy best :
Playing with your cousin s sweet toddler
Watching an exciting sport match with your friends
Being at a party surrounded by attractive hot people
Being caught in a really interesting storybook
Going to a big shopping mall with famous brands_with lots of money!
2. Which gift do u prefer?
Cosmetics,nail polish,....
Nice love stuff : candy,teddy bear,...
A beautiful paintig to fix on your room s wall and enjoy
Expensive things : car,jewerly...
3. What do u find more interesting to do with ur love?
Walking in a mountain talking & laughing
Sitting beside them when he/she is driving their new car fast
Having a nice dinner with their/your parents
Kissing & holding hands in front of a couple of friends
Discussing about the movie/book which you both love
4. Your partner should be:
Money saver
5. Your favorite job?
Model! that s my dream
6. What if your partner leaves u?
I become sad but try to forget it
No matter!there is a lot of fish in the sea
7. Your favorite wedding party?
At a hotel
The place doesn t matter.My friends & relatives should be there
In the beach .....WOW
The ceremony isn t important to me
8. You want your partner to:
protect u in reaching your goals
provide a warm atmosphere in home & be at your side everywhere
Be hot & attractive so that always fascinates u
Have shared interests and habits with u to have a funny time together
have innovative ideas & a good taste in arts
9. You are in Paris.you :
Visit the museums and cafes where someday famous writers went
Can t wait to meet new foreign people
Wish your sweetheart was here ....what a romantic place!
lol! It s the country of freedom! I heared there are lots of sexy people!
Wanna buy expensive clothes with famous brand & show them to ur friends when come back
10. You are alone with him/her.You most like to:
talk with them about last interesting movie that u have seen
care about his/her clothes
cuddle ......
talk about ur family

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Created on:10/22/2010 2:01:30 PM
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