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Ryan Adams Personality Quiz quiz. Do you consider yourself Gold  Are you a Heartbreaker  Have you been to Orion  Take the quiz and find your inner alt country singer songwriter  poet  and painter Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Ryan Adams Personality Quiz
Do you consider yourself Gold? Are you a Heartbreaker? Have you been to Orion? Take the quiz and find your inner alt-country singer-songwriter, poet, and painter.

1. An old photograph makes you feel...
2. Your significant other has left you for no reason! You...
sulk about it and write a song.
shout about it and write a song.
get drunk and write a song.
All of the above.
3. It`s Friday night, let`s...
go out dancing.
get a bottle and drink.
post random things online.
What`s that? Get bent.
4. What state would you like to visit?
North Carolina
South Carolina
New York
Whichever leads to home.
5. I miss...
my dog.
Cliff Burton.
my DVD copy of A Walk to Remember.
6. Who do you like to read?
Stephen King
Silvia Plath
You wouldn`t know `em.
Bob Dylan`s memoirs
Nick Hornby
7. What`s your motto?
Don`t change for anyone.
Bringing you down, can`t bring you down.
Don`t ask her for the whiskey!
Somehow, someday...
I could be anything, nothing, whatever, oh well...
Kill `em all.
I`m just another shadow in the stream.
I`m waiting for someone who just wont show.
8. How will you die?
With old worn bones.
Standing by the ocean.
Like a broken toy...alone.
Stuffed into a trunk.
In an explosion.
I already have.
Um, note to self: don`t die.

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