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which rvb AI are you
what emoption are you

1. Are you considered crazy
not realy
hell no
2. what do you do in yor spare time
plan to kill every one
play chess
ride a skate borde
tell knock, knock jokes
miss with a sniperrifle
plan to become all powerful
play with friends
3. are you an angry person
hells yeh
no to happy
way to logical
4. favourite wepion
brute shot
battle rifle
5. before a mission you....
go to the brefing room
go to the armory
wait until the last minute to move
go straight to the transport
6. you are ordered to kill you mate you...
kill them without a second though
shoot them then shoot yourself
just shoot your self
drop you guns
shoot the person that gave you the order
shoot everyone around you
7. you are kidnaped and held hostage like a human shield you
stomp there foot and dive for the floor
disarm them and shoot them
let the pros handle it
i wouldn`t get kidnapped in the first place im to good (and a tosser)
get the guys gun and fight them
you get the people to pay them and forgive them
8. are you dangerous
the most
really dangerous
not at all
what does dangerous mean
9. do you like swearing
f*uck yes
not really
heck no

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Created on:7/11/2012 8:24:53 PM
Made by:deathdealer6

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