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What RPG character are you  quiz.   RPG stands for Role Playing Game here  not the gun Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What RPG character are you?
(RPG stands for Role Playing Game here, not the gun)

1. Somebody is hurt! What do you do?
Kill him
Use my magic to help him
Rob him
Take him to my king
Turn him into a possessed warrior
Eat him
Make him my apprentice and train him
2. Where do you live?
In a castle
In a tower
In the Underworld
In a cave full of jewels
In a forest
Anywhere as long as I`m alone
3. What`s your weapon of choice?
A sword
My magic
Any tool nearby
Brute strength
A hidden knife
My warriors/knights
4. There are attackers! What do you do?
Eat them
Use my magic to guard my land
Kill the attackers with magic
Kill them with weapons
Outwit them
Flee the area
Kill and rob them
Use my warriors/knights to fight them
5. How do you interact with friends?
Boss them around
Become a team
Rob them and escape
What friends?
Betray them and kill/eat them
Teach them magic
6. What is your catch phrase?
"Yes, my master"
"Welcome to thy kingdom"
"I struck jewels!"
7. Which do you prefer? (might not get desired species)
Elven (elves)

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Created on:5/19/2012 1:16:35 AM
Made by:laserboy524

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