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Rp quiz- What are you in a warrior cat clan.
:D just thought it might be something fun.

1. You are walking along with your friend, when someone shoots a laser at you, turning you both into cats.
Nun uh, I dodge at the last second!
You go and live by yourself...
You make sure your friend isn`t hurt.
You freak out and cry like a little kid.
You join the local band of ruthless outlaws...
Stay cool, calm, and collected, and piece the situation together.
Run into the forest and join the closest clan..
(Girl option only) You care for your friend, (who is a little kid.)
You talk with your friend and make a decision.
2. How old are you?
Younger than 13.
13 to 15.
15 to 17.
Over 17.
Elder!! (Over 60)
3. Boy or girl?
4. A pack of dogs attack camp, (or little lonely you, or you and the rest of the outlaws) you...
Loner you: climbs a tree!
Loner you: fights!
You and the outlaws: hides, climbs a tree.
You and the outlaws: FIGHT!
You in a clan: hide! Run! Climb tree!
You in the clan: FIGHT!
You in the clan: Attend to the wounded.
You in the clan: lead the others to safety!
Come on, Ima person! I`ll kick the dog in its ugly snout!
5. How do you get food?
Hunt for it myself!
Tell the cats under me to get some..
Ask politely, you`re too busy babysitting.
Cry to mama for food.
Ima human, I`ll get it from the store!
Hunt in the trash cans around twoleg houses.
I wait until someone brings it, or get some from the pile of food.
Go hunting with the other outlaws.
6. What do you want to be?
Leader! Duh..
A mama, or babysitter! <3
A medicine cat.
A kit!
7. You are chosen as deputy when the old one was slain by a dog. You:
Heck YAH!
You politely refuse: you don`t want to give up being a mom.
No way: you are a medicine cat already!
Ima human!
That wouldn`t happen. You`re a kit.
That wouldn`t happen, you`re still an apprentice.
You are a loner!
You are with a band of outlaws so...
8. You are supposed to take some fresh kill to the queens. You:
Eat it yourself.
Do your job so you don`t get in trouble.
You`re one of the queens!
No, cuz you are a deputy or warrior!
Ima loner..
Outlaw here! *rolls eyes*
I`m a medicine cat, so I do.
I`m a kit! I don`t have no responsibilities!
9. Was this fun?
Could be better..
Meh, could be better.
Make more!!

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Created on:3/29/2017 11:13:27 AM
Made by:SeraphinaFW

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