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Are you Rouge`s number one fan?
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1. What does Rouge like most in the whole Universe?
Shadow, awwwwww :)
Knuckles, oh ye ;-)
Chaos Emeralds
Shadow, the roosterroach, joking
Me, omg yes it`s me yay, hahaha no...
2. Who is Rouge`s best friend?
Shadow? < I wish
3. Who does Rouge have a crush on?
Shadow, yay awww so cute :)
Knuckles, they belong together :)
Sonic, they have so much in common :)
Chaos Emeralds, they have a date :)
Amy??? No please pick a boy.
4. Does Rouge like Shadow?
Yes, she feels sorry for him sometimes.
No, he drives her mad.
Hahahaha, are you serious?
That roosterroach? No way!
No, she likes knuckles.
5. Is Rouge good or bad?
Bad, she steals jewels.
Good, she helped the government.
Good/bad, she does a bit of both.
Pure Evil
She can do no wrong
Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!
6. Would Rouge ever buy someone jewels?
No, she`s too greedy.
Yes, to her beloved Shadow.
Yes, to her beloved Knuckles.
Yes, she lost a bet.
Yes, to her good friend Topaz.
Ha, maybe if she was a roosterroach.
7. Does Rouge care about Sonic and his friends?
No, those nasty roosterroaches.
Crazy Frog
Peanut butter jelly time!!!
Yes, remember Cosmo???
Yes, lol hahaha, NO!
This is the right answer :_:-:-::__;:-=+
8. What do you think about Rouge?
She is a roosterroach
She is greedy
She is a jewel thief, who cares about Shadow and fancies Knuckles.
This effects your score, muhahahha
9. What is the name of Rouge`s daughter?
Sonic, omg lol hahahaha
Shadow, hehehehehehe
Alice (name of a jewel)
She doesn`t have a daughter.
She has a son named Blade
10. Who cares about Rouge?
Shadow and Knuckles, no one else.
Shadow and Knuckles and possibly Sonic and friends and Topaz.
Nobody, why should they?
Her precious jewels can give her a hug at night.

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