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how romantic are you   boys and girls  quiz. are you romantic if so how much  would you give your all just to go for a walk with him her  even if it was poring rain or snow was falling Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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how romantic are you? (boys and girls)
are you romantic if so how much? would you give your all just to go for a walk with him/her? even if it was poring rain or snow was falling?

1. what is your favorite color?
um RED ( me red comes first in every quiz lol dun ask why )
purple( sorry has to be in here cuz its my fave color! =D )
black, grey or white
2. if you and your bf/gf were planing for a week to go for a walk in the new park that was built but it was raining pretty hard and it got really dark what would you do?
I would stay home and plane it another day
who cares we would still go just dress warm and we can warm each other up =D nice kiss in the rain
we would chill at my house and watch a movie
i don`t care i hate her i was going to break it off cuz she won`t do poo
i would want to go but he/she doesn`t
i don`t think so i would get sick
3. if you HAD to go even if it was cold which one?( oh ya its in the winter )
to the beach
we would walk to a hot chocolate store in the falling snow
we would make snow angles in the snow and let the soft snow fall on our faces while we say i luv you
we wouldn`t do anything
well we would go skinny dipping ( me CCCCOCCOOLLLDDD )
we would go careling on christmas eve and help the homeless
have a snow ball fight and bring each other down in the snow and look in each others eyes
4. do u think u are romantic?
yes i have a romantic side
yes i am romantic i know i am i would love to do those things!
no i don`t think i am romantic
ya im romantic me and my bf/gf have snowball fights all the time
5. did u like the quiz??
a lill bit
ya it was great
6. last question ( won`t afffect!!! ) will u rate or comment
yess ill rate
sure ill do both
um ill comment

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Created on:11/9/2008 8:49:14 AM
Made by:sweet_kiss

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