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oh my effin gee

1. what`s your favorite color?
that one color i can`t remember the name of
2. what would you choose to throw at me if we were in a food fight and there were three items on a table?
a gun
the little kid no one talks to
3. omg im runnin out of questions... pick one for me
what did you eat for breakfast
do you eat breakfast
wtf does breakfasts have to do with a quiz?
oh my effin gee, i can`t think of anything either
4. i dont care if ur guy or girl is jared leto flippin fine or what!
Yessshhhh!!!! :D
omg no way
haha sureee

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Times Taken:3,097
Created on:4/22/2008 9:38:32 PM
Made by:savanahrose

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