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What type of rock music are you
What type of rock are you?

1. Do you like louder or calmer music
I don`t care
2. How do you look at life
Life is good. Life is good.
Life is relaxing
Live life on the EDGE!!!
Each day we die a little more
I don`t know. I`ve never really thought about that
All your souls are possesed; the demons of hell are rising to devour the hearts of all
3. Which of these songs do you like
Back in Black
Light my Fire
Enter Sandman
Welcome to the black parade
Anarchy in the UK
When I come around
God of Emptiness
4. Which of these bands do you like
The Doors
My Chemical Romance
Sex Pistols
Green Day
Death Angel
5. Which of THESE songs?
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Crystal Ship
Raining Blood
Dirty Little Secret
Welcome to the Jungle
Jerk it Out
The Weak shall be crushed
6. What sort of rocker are you
I love the classics
Psychadelic stuff
Im a metalhead
Im a total punk rocker
I`m not really a `rocker`
7. What is your personality like
I do stuff the way i want!
I like to stay calm and relaxed
Im outgoing and noisy
I hate life
I like to party and yell at people
Im just a normal guy
I will eat your souls
8. Whats your fav color
9. Did u like this quiz
yea sure
no it sucked
i will murder u

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Created on:5/17/2008 12:28:00 PM
Made by:kurtz

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