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Which robot are you?
[O_O] <--Robot

1. Somebody is being robbed! What do you do?
Save the person being robbed
It`s against my orders
Kill the robber
Ignore it
2. Who`s your best friend?
A human
Motor oil
Other robots
I killed my "friends"
3. You see sombody who`s being nice to you. What do you do?
Kill them
Befriend them
They like me? My orders are to like THEM
Make buzzing and mechanical noises
Sing a duet with them
Protect them, according to my commands
4. What`s your catch phrase?
"Beep Boop"
"I`m alive!"
"I`ll be back"
"My orders are to protect you"
"Hello, how do you do?"
5. What`s your favorite color?
6. Where do you live/come from?
Earth, usually in a garage
Earth, way into the future
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away
From another planet
Earth, in a police station
Home? I`m always on the move!
7. How do you travel?
On my own 2 feet/wheels
Hitching/stealing a ride
Where my masters take me
By space travel
I AM my vehicle
8. What`s your job?
Defend Earth
Arrest criminals
Do my master`s/owners`s commands
Finnaly get a heart
No job

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Created on:5/19/2012 1:47:24 PM
Made by:laserboy524

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