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Ritchusly Random Super Smash       quiz.  It s been a while sence I ve just sat here took a break from a epic tale and laughed my hot     off so here ya go   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Ritchusly Random Super Smash !!!
It's been a while sence I've just sat here,took a break from a epic tale and laughed my hot @$$ off so here ya go!!!

1. ( ;-) Hey,it`s me!Hope yu enjoy!!!)
I will !!!
Me who?...
Let`s get this started allready!!!!
._. ... Damn it!!! I just triped over my self again!!!! .... o.o .... how did I end up upstaires?!?
Hi Shay!
:. <--- * ---> .:
2. What color of the rainbow would ya be?!?
all of em!!!! o3o
3. What is your favorite bird?!?
The ones that I eat for breakfast.
um.... that would probubly be StarRapter!
doves // owels // love birds
falcons // hawks
Bird?!?! That`s easy, my buddy Falco!!!
Why would I have a fovorite bird if I can fly even out of this world?!?
The Harpy Eagle
4. Is this guy cute or what!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
AAAAaaaaawww....... !!!!
uh...shure... but skitty is cuter!!!!
Oh my gawd it`s flippin` adorable!!!!
that kitty reminds megh of yuke!!!!
Nagh... unless you can get him to stab someone with a sword!!!! *laughs* that would be hillarious!!!
5. WTF!?!?!?
*throws hands up* wha-hoo!!!!!! Rock on puppeh!!! Man this is my Jam over here!!!!!
Picachu: holly freak?!?....
Fox : ._.
AAAaawwww!!!! I love doggies !!!!!!
*dances along* Heavy Metal Forever!!!!!
o.o .... Next question please!!!!!
6. How often do ya have friends over?!?!?!
Like all the time! It`s almost as if they live with me.
When ever I can.
My friends are with me all the time,going on a constant adventure together through regions.
We basicly compleatly domminate the weekends !!!!
7. Evoryone knows the cane gutar right!?! XD
*laughs* Nice!!!!! *starts doing it with him*
what ... the ... freak ....
*laughs hard* Oh yeah! *starts doing it too*
Oh wow...
8. Yu fail alot?! ..... <^> .....
*sighs* ._. yesh....
No,not really. *slips and falls* damn it...
Nope! I`m the best trainer around!!!
Nagh... *whispers: but I know someone who does...
;-) epicness is more my thing!!!
9. What is your favorite weapon?!?
Hah!Was that a question,dugh my sword!!!!
My ninja skills,ship, and lightsword !!!
My elimental powers sutch as fire,water,wind,sound,grass,ice,and sunlight.
MEGH CLAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My pokeballs and what lies inside them.
Nothing less than the awsomeness of lightcycles !!!!!
10. Yu in love?!?
No... I`m happily single !!!!
*giggles* uh-huh! // *laughs* ya right!!!
YES,YES,YES,YES!!!!!!!!!! // NO,NO,NO,NO.NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*cheaks fade // face burns* well uh.... I uh... *sighs* ever so deeply....
11. o.o ...Isn`t it wierd that this guy has earings?!?
Oh my gosh yeah!!!
*looks hard* what earings?!?!
That`s why I stick to foxes!
12. Random Remesses the 2nd sketch !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who`s that!?!?
......... COOL!!! ........
Nice .... !!!!
13. Do you stalk !?!
Only prey!!! >:-D
can ya restate the question please?!?!
*giggles* only my crush! .... but he/she never knows it!!! 030
What!?!?Why would I do that!?!?
14. Oh.....my....gosh....There`s a fox on the grid!!!!!
*gasps* That`s me!!!!!
There`s a fox program?!?!
*throws the frisby* Fox, catch!!!!
AAAAaaawwww... it`s so cute!!!!!!
*gasps* That`s so cool!!!!
15. Do you like hearing stories?!?
All the time !!!! // Not at all !!!!
Shure,but it depends on what it`s about.
._. I`ll get back to you on that !!! .... .... .... .... ok,now,what were you asking?!?!
no.I usually don`t have time,I`m in the middle of saveing the world from monsters and evil peoplez!!
I`m usually the one telling the story....!!!!!!!!
16. Yu a BoY`or a G!rL~ ?!?!
BoY` !!!!!!!!
G!rL~ !!!!!!!!!
17. Kitty got ah Affro!!!!!! XD
18. Fav sport?!?!
Archary // swordfighting // swiming
19. Favorite God or Goddess?!? (me:Only Greek.Oh!Random but true comment,Cupid is NOT a babby!!! He grew up,married a mortal and had two children!!!!!)
Artamis : Goddess of the Moon & the Hunt
Nike : God of Victory
Aphrodite : Goddess of love
Areis: God of War
Apollo: God of the sun
Hera: Goddess of wommen and queen of the Gods
Thor !!!!!!!! And I dun care if he`s not Greek!!!!!
Posiden: God of the ocean also is the king of earthquakes and horses
Zoes : King of the Gods and is controll of the sky
Demeter: Goddess of the earth
20. Do you like watching storms!?! o3o?!?
Yesh!!! Lighting is so pretty!!!!
o.o I guess... aslong as I`m safe and inside then fine.
21. If this pokemon was added to the evee evolutions,which I wish was,then what should it be called?!?
22. (me:last question!!!) Fav vacca?!? // Fav out of these?!?
The forrest // A Wolf`s Quest
the beach // Pokemon
Malibu // Ah! My Goddess
Tokeo // Pretear
My BFFL`s house // SSBB
Eny where ther`s no school //The Avengers
The epic city of Orlando Florida // Tron Legacy

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Created on:4/25/2011 7:10:48 PM
Made by:BrindleLeaf

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