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Which Rise of the Guardians character are you?
Are you Jack, North, Bunnymund, Tooth, Sandman, or Pitch Black?

1. You are face to face with a nightmare. It has you cornered, and you have no escape but to fight. How do you fight it off?
You fight with a nearby pole. It`s a weapon, after all.
Swords and laces. They will help,
Whips. You need to get far ranged.
You`re long ranged. You need to attack from distances...
2. You have lived the attack of the nightmare, but you are lost in the middle of nowhere. What do you do?
You try to get help by something nearby. Anything will be a good choice.
You try to hook up some shelter. Try to live before you look.
Start to look by yourself. If you are alone, you can think about where you started from.
Don`t look around at all. You can just transport, can`t you?
3. Luckily, some people who believe in you find you. They take you to their home, but they offer you some extra stuff. What do you do?
Take the offer. The more stuff, the better.
Think about it. Will it be rude if you say no, or will it be stupid to say yes....
Don`t accept. They`re stuff, they get it. And you don`t die..... Why does it matter?
4. You have made your way back to your friends, the Guardians. When you are helping Bunny, you hear something calling your name. What do you do?
Follow it. You need to know, for it is really tempting.
You need to think about what you do before you do it. Will it be wise?
You go ask someone if they will come with you to make sure there is no danger.
You decide to send someone ahead, to double check to see if everything is okay.
You don`t go. After all, what if something bad happens while you are away?
5. You see Pitch`s lair. You can feel that fear is nearby, and you want to look. What do you do?
You go to look. Maybe the rest won`t notice....
Ignore it. What will it do? Waste time!
I don`t know....
6. You see some kids having bad dreams. It means Pitch is around. What do you do?
Go stop the kid from having bad dreams.
Go look for Pitch. Maybe it will prevent him from scaring other kids.
Don`t do anything. Walk from the situation and smile.
7. Who do you want to be? (This does not effect)
8. Last question! What`s your fave color out of these colors?

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