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What`s The Right Type Of Guy For You?
think you know? let's see who your type is.

1. i want a guy that...
treats me with respect
understands the way i feel
i can trust and hold dear (as a friend)
2. i LOVE it when a guy...
kisses my hand when he sees me!
shows-off and tries to get my attention!
is so cool and hangs out with me!
3. guys that _______ are HOT!
dress nicely
lift weights/work out
wear fitting jeans
4. i want a guy to...
bow before me(, as a sign of respect)
wink at me
hold my hand
5. if i cry, i`d want him to...
kiss my forehead and cheer me up
hold me close and talk to me
give me a gift and listen to what i have to say
6. my prince charming`s hair is...
slicked back and smooth
spikey and wild
7. ...and his eyes are...
so romantic and passionate
so fiery and vibrant
so beautiful and deep
8. i`m interested in...
shy guys
i can`t choose...
shy hot gentlemen!

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