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What Resident Evil 4 character are you?
Yeah, which Resident evil 4 character are you? Take this quiz to find out.

1. You are surrounded by Zombies who havent eaten in six years. You are going to die. What do you do?
Run and scream.
Shoot them, and kick their heads off.
Shoot them with a grapple gun and trip them, then run like hell.
Pull out your Luger and keep shooting
Slice and dice `em with your knife.
Shoot them and kick them through doors.
2. What are your weapons of choice?
Knife, bow and arrow
Pistol and Shotgun
Pistol and knife
German Luger pistol
9mm handgun
3. Are you buff?
4. Are you a boy or girl?
5. Do you have any scars.
6. Do you prefer hand to hand combat or shooting?
Hand to hand
7. You arrive at the extraction point to get the hell off the zombie infested island, you come face to face with Osmund Saddler. You only have a Desert Eagle with one bullet and a RPG with one rocket. How do you kill him.
Knife him
Roll out of the way, shoot him in the leg with the Desert eagle, and then shoot him the the RPG
Shoot him in the head with the Desert Eagle
8. You are trapped in a small cabin in the middle of an Alaskan forest. There are zombies approaching quickly, they will be there in ten minutes. How do you prepare for the assault?
Barricade the door and windows, go on the roof and take out a Berretta .50 caliber sniper rifle
Plant C4 on the door and wait for them to open it.
Get an MG42 and wait outside.
Leave the cabin
9. You fall from a tree and break both your legs, you hear zombies approaching. all you have is a USP .45 how do you get out of the situation.
Fire shots in the direction you heard the sounds and try to walk.
crawl away
Get up and charge into the zombies while knifing them!
Get up and kick the zombies heads off
Shoot them
10. Last question: You witness your old college friend get stabbed through the chest by Saddler. What do you do?
Shoot Saddler
Knife Saddler
Shoot him with a bow and arrow
Shoot him with a crossbow

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