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How well do you remember these Taylor Swift moments  quiz. Not a typical ultimate fan quiz    Just to test if you can remember random Tay Tay moments Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How well do you remember these Taylor Swift moments?
Not a typical ultimate fan quiz.. Just to test if you can remember random Tay Tay moments

1. What did Taylor wear for her live concert in New York City?
Short dress, with gold and silver touch on it.
Red dress.
High waisted shorts and top.
Black, strapless dress.
Off-shoulder dress.
2. What`s the colour of the dress she wore when singing `Lose Yourself` by Eminem at a live concert?
Silver and gold.
Black and red.
3. When performing 2015 BRIT awards, she had her hair..,
Long and wavy.
Short and straight.
Long with fringe.
4. Taylor`s friends call her an alien. Why?
Because of her height.
Because she is fit without a strict diet.
Because she drinks so much water.
Because she has super powers.
Because she can change her voice like an alien.
5. Taylor`s pets are:
6. Taylor performed______ at Billboard Music Awards 2015.
"Shake It Off"
"I Knew You Were Trouble"
7. Number of tracks on RED album?
8. What`s the true statement?
Taylor was wearing a short, red, strapless dress when performing at the 2014 Grammys.
Taylor had a red lip at 2013 VS fashion show performance.
Taylor appeared on a Pepsi commercial, featuring her hit song "22".
Taylor follows Cindy Crawford on Twitter.
Taylor suffers from ophidiophobia.
9. Which of these lyrics isn`t right?
Faster than wind, passionate as sin so quickly....
I`m hiding from you and your soul of eyes...
I can`t help thinking this is how it 'ought to be ...
These kind of wounds they last and they last...
You gave me roses and I left them there to die...
10. Taylor wore a mini dress with cut-outs to the ...
2015 BRIT Awards.
2014 Acadamy of Country Music Awards
2015 Billboard Music Awards.
2015 Iheartradio Music Awards.

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