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Are you a redneck?
are you a redneck, or not?

1. What kind of vehicle would you prefer to drive?
Mud Truck
Monster Truck
2. If all the bathrooms were being used what would you do?
Go outside
Just hold on, sweetie.
3. Do you hunt?
Yes, i love to hunt!
Eww. No.
Hunting`s wrong. ):
4. Do you live in Southren USA?
Yes, i do.(:
No, i don`t. But, i wish.
Nope, sure don`t.
5. You`re favorite show out of all these?
Dukes of Hazzard
The Beverly Hillbillies
Jersey Shore
6. Do you even know who Loretta Lynn is? Or Johnny Cash?
Of course, are you kidding?
No? Who are they?
7. Do you like to go muddin`?
I love it!<33
Ew, mud. l:
Go whattin? What is "muddin"?

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Created on:2/4/2013 3:29:44 PM
Made by:SnB

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