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are you a redneck, city slicker or misplaced
Find out if your a redneck or an inner-city type

1. what do you do on Friday night
hang out at the mud boggs with a 20 pack and friends
go dancing at a club and drink margaritas
grab a 12 gauge and a 12 pack shot those damn pigeons
stay home play your xbox and get a 2liter bottle of mt dew
goto a bar and party
2. do you ride fourwheelers/dirt bikes
those stupid things hate them i ride bikes or walk lazy rednecks
every time i do the cops pull me over say i can`t ride em and write me a ticket damn cops
hell yeah i love mine
3. Do you like pickup trucks
They`re bad for the environment get a hybrid damn rednecks
Yeah I love em its hard to find parking spaces though I just run over those gay prius s
They suck and are lame imports are better
hell yeah i love mine
4. is smokey and the bandit the best movie ever
hell yeah east bound and down
it was good
no way stupid rednecks don`t know anything about movies
yeah i like it but no one around here likes it (losers)
everyone around here does but i think it sucks
5. what is your idea of a party
chillin on a dirt road or in a field mabey a bon fire and tons of beer and mudd boggin
going to a club drinking fancy mixed drinks dancing and mabey goto a rave
going to a dive bar drinking draft beer playing bar games like beerpong or pool then mailbox smashin
going to a party in the city and do what ever
going bar hopping on a four wheeler/dirt bike/side by side
6. do you belive the south will rise again
no dumb rednecks lossed once
mabey if it does im skrewed
yeah i be join em too
hell yeah i`ll fight for the rebel cause
what !!
7. did you like blue collar comedy tour serise
hell yeah git r done
yep it was all good most people don`t like when i act like larry though
no ignorant redneck comedy sucks
it was kinda funny
only jackass rednecks watch that to bad all i hear is git r done drives me crazy damnit
8. out of these vehicles which would you pick
ford bronco 4x4 lifted on 35s
old chevy s10
a subaru svz
a big ol diesel pick up (ford,dodge or chevy)
prius/bike or walking(eco friendly loser)
69 charger(genral lee yee haw)
70 trans am(bandit edition)
72 ford gran torino(like the one from the movie gran torino)
mitsubishi eclipse
71 camero z28
9. What type of music do you listen to
Punk rock
Southern rock
10. do you like NASCAR
hell yeah
yep i like it
no way stupid rednecks driving in circles
lame as hell but its all i hear about
its ok i like another sport better
11. do you hunt/fish or both
both got put meat in the freezer
try to do both but the last time i was in the park in camo w/a 30-06 i got arrested
neither its wrong animal are our friends
both are boring i`ve tried both
12. do you like beer
hell yeah
yeah can drink alot though the neighbors complain and i`ll get arrested
no its terrible yuck!!(commie b@stard)
no stupid cheap beer

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Created on:7/29/2012 2:37:41 PM
Made by:dieselrednek

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