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 quot which red vs blue character are you  quot  quiz. This is a highly specialized personality quiz   If you like red vs blue and you have ever wondered exactly what character you would be  this is the quiz for you    P S   Please leave comments and or rate this quiz  wether you liked it or not  I would like to hear your opinions   Thank you  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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"which red vs blue character are you?"
This is a highly specialized personality quiz. If you like red vs blue and you have ever wondered exactly what character you would be, this is the quiz for you. (P.S. Please leave comments and/or rate this quiz, wether you liked it or not, I would like to hear your opinions. Thank you!

1. Your favorite expression is...
"The difference is Doctors help people while medics just make htem feel better when they die."
"Bow chicka bow wow"
"What in sam hell?"
Whatever happens to pop into your head.
Slang isn`t propper grammar, I don`s use it.
I am programmed with many different expressions, robots obviously have a large vocabulary.
2. When faced with a difficult task, what is your response?
Charge forward using Grif as a human shield
Just sit and wait
Spend several hours calculating the odds of each of yoru plans.
"Ooh, orange juice!"
Create a truce
While everyone is deciding, take a break to get more aquainted with the ladies.
Charge forward and pwn everything
I try not to get involved in these idiots problems.
Try ot treat my allies bullet wounds with CPR.
3. What is your favorite color?
Red. P.S. Blue sucks!
Whatever my commanding officer says it is.
Pink/Lightish red, but I also hear that red is the new pink.
This question is to confusing.
When that idiot created me he forgot to give me color noticing sensors...
Well purple is pretty nice, although I do like several other colors.
4. What do you like to do to pass time?
Think of plans to kill the evil blues.
Just kick back and relax.
Do some math!
Go shopping
Play games.
Anything but knock knock jokes.
Spend time with girls, if you know what I mean by time, "bow chicka bow wow."
Kill things/Get money.
Talk to Shiela.
Try to make friends with the people I`m stationed with.
5. If you were possesed by an evil AI, what would you say?
"Die blues!"
I wouldn`t be stupid enough to have my radio on.
"I don`t like violence."
"I hate babies!"
I am the Alpha!
"Bow chicka bow wow."
Less talking more killing.
Something that no one would understand because it would be in Spainish.
"My name is Omali!"
6. What are your friends like?
I like to think of them more as human shields.
I don`t have any friends.
"Well we all like math and science and school, and chess..."
My friends are all men
" I think everyone is my friend."
Certainly no one I`m grouped with
All ladies..., if you know what I mean...
Friends are for weaklings.
It`s not in my programming to have friends... *sigh*
No one here accepts me!
7. If you were stranded on a desert island, what two things would you pick to have with you?
A shotgun and a laser shooting robot.
Food and a lawn chair.
A calculator and a sudoku book.
My lotions and copy of People magazine.
Orange Juice and cookies.
A sniper rifle and an absence of Caboose.
Women and girls.
Guns and money.
Shiela and a new voice box.
Well to start with I would take all my friends.... wait I have no friends...
8. What is true happiness?
To finally see Grif and those dirty Blue`s dead.
Getting off this deserted planet.
Winning the nobel prize.
Having dinner with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.
For Church to like me...
Caboose finally gone.
I do beleive this is a PG-13 site...
Tanks filled with money, and the satisfaction of punching tucker in the face.
If Shiela were to fall in love with me while we were shooting Sarge.
Just to have a few friends, that would be nice.
9. Favorite excuse?
It was grifs fault.
Dont blame me it was the poor leadership.
I dont make errors, therefore I don`t need excuses.
It`s not pink, its lightish red!
I threw it, but the wall got in the way.
How much longer is this gonna take?
excuses, psh, I don`t need excuses, "Bow chicka bow wow."
I dont need excuses I just kill witnesses.
If anyone could understand me I would blame it all on Sarge.
"Don`t worry, everything will be alright."
10. Which team?
I try not to pick sides.

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