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Are You Realy Over Him???
First quiz. and dont take these things to seriously. most of them arent very accurate

1. why did you all break up?
he moved away and i never saw him again. and he promised that he would write but he didnt .
he cheated on me. i hate him for that
it was just to hard. noone liked seeing us together
2. if he did move away then do you find yourself still checking the mail waiting 4 a letter or wait 4 him at the door at school?
yes. every day
no. i miss him but not that much
3. do you gaze at him sometimes when you are in class or constantly daydream ab him?
yes. i never pay attenchen in class
i daydream sometimes
nope. i havent thought about him untill i saw this quiz
4. if he asked you back out, would you go out w him?
yes i would in a heart beat
i would but i have someone else now and i dont want to mess up what we are right now.
i still like him, but only as a friend, so no
nope. hate him
5. do you think that you were or are in love w him?
yes no doudt that i still love him
i know i used to but im not sure anymore
i liked him alot but i dont think i was in love w him
6. do you think he still likes you?
no way. he hates my guts.
i think that he might
yes im pretty sure he does
7. do you have another boyfriend or girlfriend?
yes but i still think ab him sometimes
nope. never dated anyone after him
no. havent met anyone yet
8. do you wish that you were still dating?

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Created on:7/16/2008 3:14:56 PM
Made by:bloodymasks

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