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Are you really going to heaven or hell?
I should know I'm going to hell

1. You see a man on fire you...
Ohhhhhhhhhh pretty lights
Omy god call the fire department and the ambulace quick (tries to put person out)
(puts him out everyone screams yeah lights him on fire again) what i wanted to be the cause
grabs dirt and anywater near and puts him out
2. yu see someone getting robed you..
laugh sucks to be him
call the cops/trie to help you can`t just do nothing
3. have you ever sworn to kill some one?
4. Have you ever been in a fight that in your mind wasn`t finished when it was stopped?
yes that b**** could still move
no i haven`t ever been in a fight
no fights are done when they are done
yes i wanted a few more swings
5. have you ever fought for someone else
yes they/ it was/ were my friends I had to do something
no i protect me and only me
6. Would you kill someone
7. What do you think about pain?
I like all of it mine and other peoples
pain scary but funny when other people endure it but not too serius
other peoples are awsome but mine sucks
no pain is good

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Created on:4/18/2008 8:57:27 PM
Made by:thepossessed

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