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Are you a REAL tomboy  quiz. Well  I am a tomboy so I just wanna know if u are Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you a REAL tomboy?
Well, I am a tomboy so I just wanna know if u are!

1. You are in the mall and you spot bottles and bottles on nailpolish on sale, what do you say?
OMG! A sale! I`m buying out this WHOLE section!
Maybe a colbalt blue color.
Eww. NailPolish
2. You get invited to a wild rock-party. What are you waring?
A pink skirt with pink earrings and a pink shirts and a pink-...
A cute top with rip-design jeans
A grey top, and rip-design jeans
3. You pass by a petshop and curiosly walf inside. You are going to buy a pet you decide. You adopt...
A purse size chuhuahua with a purple bow
A cute hamster or hedgehog
A Doberman
4. What is your most favorite color?
Pink, purple, sky blue- (Me: I said COLOR! Not COLORS!) Oh. Pink, Purple-
Cobalt Blue
5. What do you say to anime?
I like those pink cat girls. (Me: Will you stop with the pink?!)
I like it, it`s cool.
Meh, it`s okay.
6. How did you like this quiz? (Will not effect outcome.)
I loved it to DEATH!!!
I liked it, a bit.
Meh, okay.
Burn it!!!

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Created on:1/26/2010 10:25:11 PM
Made by:VidGameMass

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