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Are you a REAL Pirate?
for those of you who think you're a real pirate, ThInK aGaIn! (e)

1. Jack Sparrow`s ship is called:
The Pink Onion
The Black Pearl
The Rum Runner
The Interceptor
2. Jack`s first mate-slash-best-mate is:
Mr. Cotton
Davy Jones
Cutler Beckett
Mr. Gibbs
3. Who shoots Captain Barbossa?
Will Turner
Cutler Beckett
Jack Sparrow
Elizabeth Swann
4. Who was Calypso?
Tia Dalma
Davy Jones
Cutler Beckett
Elizabeth Swann
5. If an enemy ship is blasting its cannons at your ship, and you`re stuck in the brig, what do you yell?
"Aye, avast!"
"Stop blowing holes in my ship!"
"No, I`ve never met Pizarro, but I love his pies..."
6. If you`re trapped on an island inhabited by cannibals, about to be roasted alive and eaten, what do you do?
Scream and cry like a little baby.
Try and talk yourself out of it (though the language barrier might pose a problem)
Try and get other pirates to help you.
Get roasted and eaten - you figure you had it coming.
7. If you make a deal with Davy Jones, and then realize 13 years later that you really DIDN`T intend on repaying the debt, what do you do?
Give up your best friend`s life to save your own.
Stay close to the shore (and maybe pay a visit to a creepy lady with a weird accent).
Bravely make a stand against Davy Jones - you figure your courage might make him think twice.
In the words of Jack Sparrow, "...Run."
8. If you are voted the Pirate King, and put in the position of deciding whether or not the entire pirating world goes to war, what do you do?
Go to war - you might as well.
" run away."
Tell them you have some sort of appointment over on the other side of the ocean that you can`t miss.
Hand over command to someone else - you can`t be bothered with this sort of thing.
9. Who`s hotter - Jack or Will? (girl`s perspective)
Davy Jones
Cutler Beckett
10. Who stabs the heart of Davy Jones?
Cutler Beckett
Will Turner
Jack Sparrow
Bootstrap Bill Turner

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