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Would you rather     quiz. A lot of people commented on my other quiz saying that I should make another quiz  but harder  So    here it is  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you rather...
A lot of people commented on my other quiz saying that I should make another quiz, but harder. So... here it is!!

1. Would you rather have 15 galloons of orange juice dropped on your head, or would you rather have to eat 25 bags of cheesecurls in one hour?
25 bags of cheesecurls!!
Orange juice dropped on head.
2. Would you rather pull down the fire-alarm thingy at school or would you rather smack a teacher?
Pull down fire-alarm.
Smack the teacher!! POW!!!
3. Would you rather have a pet dragon or would you rather have a rollercoaster in your backyard all to yourself AND win money to go to a tropical island for a week vacation?
Roller coaster/tropical island
4. Would you rather have your mom get killed in a car accident or would you rather kill 10 random people?
I`m killin the 10 peeps I don`t know!
Sorry, mom, but your gettin in the accident.
5. Would you rather sing awfully in front of a BIG group of people and on TV, or would you rather kill a bird?
I`m singing in front of the people.
Bye bye birdy!!
6. Would you rather hang out all day with an actress/actor that you admire, or would you rather win concert tickets to your favorite band AND have the lead singer know your name and give you an autograph?
Ooh I want to go to my band and have the singer smile at me!!
Hang out with my famous buds.
7. Would you rather die TOMORROW or would you rather get horribly hurt tomorrow and be paralyzed and in a wheel chair and you couldn`t talk for the rest of your life?
I think I`d choose to die. What`s the point of living if you can`t do anything?!?!
I`d live. There`s still family and friends to be with, you know!

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Created on:4/1/2008 9:53:00 AM
Made by:indigo_aura

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