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Would you rather......
Would you rather....shhhh! take the quiz!!

1. Would you rather......eat a squirrel for dinner or be a squirrel?
2. Would you rather........smell a cow`s fart or smell your bro`s/sis`s fart?
smell cow
smell sibling
3. Would you rather......ride a horse with only two legs or ride a bull with 8 horns??
bull horns
horse legs
4. Would you rather.......see a rated R movie with a friend without your mom/dad knowing or swear at your principal?
swear principal
rated R
5. Would you rather......*feels tired* jump off a 4 story building or be in one when there`s a fire?
fire building!
4 story!
6. Would you rather.......rate or comment on this quiz??

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Times Taken:2,726
Created on:3/22/2008 8:48:07 AM
Made by:EllieBear

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