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would you rather  quiz. this quiz is pretty long  but it s pretty simple  at the end it will tell you if your a good friend Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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would you rather?
this quiz is pretty long, but it's pretty simple. at the end it will tell you if your a good friend.

1. would you rather be rich or a true friend?
rich! money`s all i need
true friend! love is were it`s at
2. start with every thing and be alone or start with nothing and have a soul mate?
i`d start with every thing. it`s not that bad being alone
i`d start with nothing with my soul mate then build up life from there
3. have a lot of good friends or few best friends
a lot of good friends
few best friends
4. friends or family?
5. you die saving a friends life, or let your friend die
i`d rather die saving a life
i`d let them fall (i don`t wanna die!)
6. bully or be bullied
be bullied
7. hit back when somebody hits you or let it go?
hit back (i don`t take no crap!)
let it go (don`t wanna start a fight)
8. win by cheating or lose
win, win, win, baby! (cheating or not!)
lose (i`m no cheater)
9. get married or date forever
get married
date forever (i`m a playa)
10. lust or love
lust (i`m sexy)
11. love or hate
i hate everyone
12. hi or bye
hi! (i love to meet people)
bye (i like to be alone)
13. play or kill
play (i love to have fun)
kill (i`m EVIL)
14. goth or emo?
goth. i`d rather just have to look evil then cut myself.
emo ha ha ha
15. last question lose a friend or a family member?
friend. families more important
family. i like my friends better! ;p

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Times Taken:1,840
Created on:2/23/2008 7:36:20 PM
Made by:hi89

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