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Would You Rather..?
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1. Would you rather get stung by 100 bees or Get bitten by a shark?
A: Get stung by 100 bees.
B: Get bitten by a shark.
2. Would you rather get raped or kiss a shark on the lips?
A: Get raped.
B: Kiss a shark on the lips.
3. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
A: Vampire.
B: Werewolf.
4. Would you rather listen to nyan cat all day or get bullied ever day?
A: Listen to Nyan Cat all day.
B: Get bullied everyday.
5. Would you rather be so fat that you could never lose weight or have a broken back that could never be fixed?
A: Be so fat that I could never lose weight.
B: Have a broken back that could never be fixed.
6. Would you rather be a wolf or a gorilla?
A: Wolf.
B: Gorilla.
7. Last Question: Would you rather have a numb butt all day or have big chubby and chunky lips?
A: Have a numb butt all day.
B: Have big chubby and chunky lips.


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Created on:1/6/2013 6:41:24 PM
Made by:TuttiFrutti

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